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In our temple, we like to install silver Neem Tree. This Divine Neem Tree consists of 1008 silver leaves bearing Sai Nama and the Sponsors initials. Sponsors can sponsor a leaf for a donation of $504 and can choose a name (initials up to 3 letters) of their loved ones. Sponsors can sponsor as many leaves as they want. Donations will be accepted until pledges for 1008 leaves are received. A Sponsor can donate this amount in convenient installments. This is once in a life time opportunity and a great way to honor your family members as their names will be in our temple for many many generations. We hope you will avail this opportunity and pledge your donations at the earliest.

All Contributions for this program will go towards clearing our debt of our temple.

Details of Sai Sahasaranama Tree
• There will be only 1008 leaves in the tree (or two trees of 504 leaves each).
• The tree will be displayed in temple.
• Each sponsor can donate $ 504 or higher for a leaf on the tree.
• Each leaf will be etched with one Sai Sahasaranama and three letters of the sponsor’s name.

Click here for the flyer

Click here for Photos of  Tree

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Arthi Timings

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Current Activities

Pl help by "Shrama Daana ( Volunteer Work/ Help) or Dhana Daana ( Monetary Help)" for the following activities

1. Install Lighting Posts at the Pathway from the main gate to the temple

2. Install Flood Lights at the Temple Name at the Entrance Gate for the easy visibility of new devotees.

3. Removal of Diagonal Parking lines on the concrete parking lot on North side of the temple

4. Install Concrete/Wooden blocks marking the parking location on South Side of the temple

5. Install Enter and Exit Signs for the Devotees while entering the Temple from West Bellfort St.

6.Extend the parking lot on the backside of the temple to accommodate more cars