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Satyanarayana Swamy Vratha on 11 March 2017 @ 7PM
Shirdi Sai Jalaram Mandir, Sugarland TX invites you, your family, friends for the Samuhika Satyanarayana Swamy Vratha on Saturday March 11, 2017 evening at 7PM. The Temple will be providing the Items required for the Pooja. Please plan to be in temple by 6.45 PM. For further details, please send an email to or


Letter to Devotees


OM Sai Ram Greetings!!

Dear devotees,

Thank you for supporting SSJM in all respects,
As you are aware, SSJM has been working on the construction of parking lot for our temple
We are in the process of obtaining necessary approvals from Fort Bend County.

As a Board, we would like to reach you for the construction of parking lot,
we are requesting your help in securing a good contractor who can perform the following parts or the whole job.

We appreciate if you could e-mail to the manager of SSJM ( your contact information if you know someone who can help us get quotes for the following jobs.

Following are major items in the parking lot job.

  • 1. Dirt work
  • 2. Concrete Parking lot with Internal Drainage
  • 3. Removal of a portion of Existing parking lot and Driveways
  • 4. Proposed Detention ponds
    • a. One Grass lines shallow pond
    • b. One Concrete line 12’ deep pond
  • 5. Wet well with dual Pump Station assembly with electrical service.
  • 6. Landscaping


Fort Bend County Engineering


  • 1. Soil Compaction test
  • 2. Concrete Strength, mix and Slump test
  • 3. Pre-pour paving inspection

Prasad Gavvala
Contact for technical details
Prasad Maragani, P.E.

SSJM Temple Byelaws
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Temple Timings

Monday - Wednesday & Friday
8:00am - 1:00pm & 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays
8:00am - 9:00pm

Arthi Timings

Monday - Wednesday & Friday- Sunday
8:00 am Kakad Arthi
8:30 am Abhishekam & Archana
12:30 pm Madhyaan Arthi.
6:30 pm Sandhya Arthi.
8:30 pm Shej Arthi.
8:00 am Kakad Arthi
8:30 am Abhishekam & Archana
12:30 pm Madhyaan Arthi.
6:00 pm Bhajan.
Approx 7:45 pm Sandhya Arthi.
8:15 pm Palki Procession.
9:00 pm Shej Arthi.


Current Activities

Pl help by "Shrama Daana ( Volunteer Work/ Help) or Dhana Daana ( Monetary Help)" for the following activities

1. Install Lighting Posts at the Pathway from the main gate to the temple

2. Install Flood Lights at the Temple Name at the Entrance Gate for the easy visibility of new devotees.

3. Removal of Diagonal Parking lines on the concrete parking lot on North side of the temple

4. Install Concrete/Wooden blocks marking the parking location on South Side of the temple

5. Install Enter and Exit Signs for the Devotees while entering the Temple from West Bellfort St.

6.Extend the parking lot on the backside of the temple to accommodate more cars