Current Activities:

  • Four aartis are conducted every day as per the scheduled time. These activities are handled by devotees on a voluntary basis. Every Thursday evening is a special delight at the temple with evening activities starting at 6:30 PM with devotional music & Bhajans. Devotees participate with increasing enthusiasm and program usually continues till 8:30 PM. This is followed by Shej Aarti at 9:30 PM.
  • Special spiritual activities and celebrations on specific occasions are conducted throughout the year to help large number of devotees participate in the temple activities. Volunteers and devotees fund organizing most of these programs.
  • The SSJM spiritual center is open daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM making it a great opportunity for devotees in and around Houston to spend flexible hours towards their spiritual needs.
  • The Board of directors is all volunteers and is responsible for complete administration of the SSJM activities. In 2003, SSJM received nonprofit status 503c from IRS providing a convenient way for the devotees to contribute generously to the activities of the temple.

Future Activities:

With the awareness of this spiritual center growing and helping the community around, we hope be able to attract more volunteers to plan several activities.

There are several activities planned by the SSJM board in the coming 2-3 years. Some of these are highlighted below:

  • Develop Old Age home on the campus. This will serve as a home for several people in the greater Houston area.
  • Continue to celebrate all the major Hindu Festivals in a grand scale with devotional music, musical performances from various artists and several other cultural activities for youth and adults.
  • Continue to organize several major celebrations, various ceremonies and organize spiritual lectures and discourses from spiritual leaders from India.
  • Organize social service activities for poor and disabled. Monthly visits to various shelters, rehabilitation centers for food, clothing donation are planned.
  • We hope to capture the abundant talent in Houston to establish a Music learning center for the youth.
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Temple Timings

Monday - Wednesday & Friday
8:00am - 1:00pm & 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays
8:00am - 9:00pm

Arthi Timings

Monday - Wednesday & Friday- Sunday
8:00 am Kakad Arthi
8:30 am Abhishekam & Archana
12:30 pm Madhyaan Arthi.
6:30 pm Sandhya Arthi.
8:30 pm Shej Arthi.
8:00 am Kakad Arthi
8:30 am Abhishekam & Archana
12:30 pm Madhyaan Arthi.
6:00 pm Bhajan.
Approx 7:45 pm Sandhya Arthi.
8:15 pm Palki Procession.
9:00 pm Shej Arthi.


Current Activities

Pl help by "Shrama Daana ( Volunteer Work/ Help) or Dhana Daana ( Monetary Help)" for the following activities

1. Install Lighting Posts at the Pathway from the main gate to the temple

2. Install Flood Lights at the Temple Name at the Entrance Gate for the easy visibility of new devotees.

3. Removal of Diagonal Parking lines on the concrete parking lot on North side of the temple

4. Install Concrete/Wooden blocks marking the parking location on South Side of the temple

5. Install Enter and Exit Signs for the Devotees while entering the Temple from West Bellfort St.

6.Extend the parking lot on the backside of the temple to accommodate more cars